Heavy Fleet and vehicle tracking Solutions

It’s vitally important to know where your vehicles are at a moments notice and for your organisation to hold a clear picture of your entire fleet. You can obtain all this information in ‘real-time’ through Plantcom’s fleet management system. Our system can gathers accurate data to help you make informed decisions and support central changes that affect your bottom line.

Plantcom offers simple management systems or complex tailor made systems. Plantcom will help create an appropriate system structured to fit your company’s needs. The system is tailored to bring all the data together with real-time alerts, information dashboards and detailed reports to make fleet management an integral part of your business.

Track Vehicles Online – No Matter How Big Your Fleet Is!

With PLANTCOM’s online vehicle tracking, you have the chance to keep an eye on the movement of each vehicle in your fleet. In other words, you can cut down on unnecessary fuel expenses and ensure driver safety without having to be physically present at site.

Plantcom Fleet tracking systems provide countless advantages:

Improve operator execution – Operator safety is paramount and the Plantcom system improves operator safety and risk mitigation through visual and auditory communication. Over speed alerts will warn drivers when speed limits have been exceeded on site and help them stay accountable.

Comprehensive precision – Key performances on your vehicles and equipment can be monitored at a distance and reports generated on; work hours, machine efficiency, fuel consumption, preventative maintenance, auto shut down plus the GPS fleet tracking system surpasses the competition and helps you stay on top of your fleet by coping with any setback.

Strengthen productivity – Monitor machine performance and excessive fuel consumption through additional hours, unofficial use, preventable misuse and receive unauthorized movement alerts triggered by a built-in motion sensor. With Plantcom’s management system your fleet will be monitored to maximize productivities in real time. Comprehensive Data reporting installed on the PLANTCOM software will report on location (within a 20 meter radius) & SMU and is suitable for assets which may be left unattended for long periods.

Increase customer service – When everyone is kept in the loop there are no miscommunications and all information is accurate and up to date. All information is on hand to give the most up to date ETAs, quotes and invoices. Have key data at your fingertips for maintenance, monitoring and scheduling decisions. Records location, SMU, Hours worked, Distance travelled, idle time and ignition status. This is real-time data which will allow us to access dozens of custom reports to better service your project.

Improve productivity – Utilise your fleet with the Plantcom management system by increasing worker productivity, refining vehicle utilisation through monitoring with the in cab forms. Improve the accuracy of your preventative maintenance so you’re not over or under servicing your equipment.

Government compliance – To simplify the red tape involve in the day to day running of your project or business, Plantcom can customise your everyday forms into electronic tablet versions – The electronic forms can save all of the messy manual paperwork with in cab prestart, time sheets along with all other machine documents such as risk assessments and operator manuals. These are then stored electronically for easy retrieval and use.

System alignment – The Plantcom Advantage platform easily integrates with other specialised solutions and can be tailored to your needs.

Contact Plantcom today for a comprehensive overview that will increase your profit levels by monitoring the effectiveness of your entire fleet from your PC, smartphone or tablet. Have 24/7 access to observe your vehicle data in real-time and Run on-demand reports.