Pre-start & Defect Management

Pre-start & Defect Management


Plantcom has developed a revolutionary electronic form management solution, integrated onto an industrial grade rugged tablet. Tablets can be standalone for mobility, or installed into vehicles, machinery or plant. Custom forms can be created easily to meet your exact requirements.

Perfect for pre-start vehicle checks, site inspections and auditing, time sheets, maintenance and defect management to name just a few.
The tablets can be loaded with documents such as service and operator user manuals. Messaging functionality is available to allow operators to communicate with their supervisor. Authorised apps can be added for emergency first aid instructions, risk assessments, weather updates and alerts, GPS navigation and other custom applications.
It’s time to automate your manual processes such as forms and machine information,

  • To improve the turnaround time and processing of the many forms that are filled out;
  • Accurately measure what has and has not been done prior to operation;
  • Provide feedback to the operator of issues they have logged;
  • Eliminate the amount of paper copies that are circulated, sorted and then eventually stored;
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need to keep stationary supplies for many different units;
  • Automatically sort, file and send for action;
  • An auditable system;
  • The system is used as part of a defect management system and therefore can be incorporated into the overarching Maintenance Management Plan or System.

The Plantcom Tablets are located within the cab and can be loaded with the following for access by the operator:

  • Forms and Documents (Project Specific and approved)
  • Time sheets
  • Prestart Forms
  • Machine Information ie: Attachment List
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Risk Assessments
  • Training Manuals
  • Job Scheduling (Message Centre)
  • Message Dispatch System
  • Alerts
  • Driver ID
  • Navigation to Assets for Service Crews

The tablets are site specific and are loaded with restricted access as specified by the Project.