Oil & Gas


From the heavy equipment at remote drilling sites, stationary assets, trucks and service vehicles, to the quick-response field service teams, oil and gas fleets must perform at the highest levels to ensure a steady flow of product as it moves upstream.
The answer: An industrial-grade fleet management solution for oil & gas that provides true visibility into your fleet operations—plus the analytic and reporting abilities to understand it all.
Your equipment management solution from Plantcom delivers the information you need to monitor and analyse operations of all your on-highway, off-highway, non-powered assets and operators, so you can:

  • Monitor and manage driver behaviour, including speed, harsh vehicle usage, route compliance, hard braking, excessive idling and fatigue.
  • Protect safety of remote staff.
  • Fine-tune vehicle and equipment utilization and monitor operator productivity.
  • Track and analyse fuel usage and idling patterns to adjust routes, and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Produce fuel level reports to send the fuel trucks only to the machines that require fuel.
  • Track all attachments on site, never loose machine buckets again.
  • Avoid the high costs of unplanned downtime by monitoring maintenance needs.
  • Provide speedy, accurate dispatch to service vehicles, for more peace of mind
  • For on-the-road trucks, provide hours-of-service compliance with DOT compliant e-logs.
  • Automatically compile state mileage reports to simplify and streamline IFTA reporting.

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