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For a more profitable and productive mining operation, it pays to keep a close eye on the performance, reliability and availability of all your assets—trucks, service vehicles, tracked machinery and non-powered equipment. And that calls for a comprehensive tracking system purpose-built for the demands of heavy equipment fleets.

Discover – Fleet Managment Solutions

We know how costly your mining assets are. Whether it’s the specialised machinery, equipment, or the light vehicles on site – keep an eye on the maintenance, performance, and location of your assets and improve on the machinery equipment management with our asset tracking and mining fleet management software.

Your Plantcom service solution helps keep you in touch, and in control your onsite mining assets and have easy ability to monitor your non-powered assets and plant. Use it to:

  • Fine-tune fleet utilisation and worker productivity.
  • Reduce downtime by accurately predicting maintenance needs.
  • Improve efficiency and boost overall profitability.
  • Track fuel usage and idling patterns to compare equipment and reduce emissions.
  • Monitor haul cycles to find opportunities for improvement.
  • Monitor and report on undercarriage walk times.
  • Positively identify operators and monitor their driving behaviours. Use the online platform to store individual license types, expirations and certifications.
  • Alert operators of any safety issues including cab filter degradation and unsafe dust levels.
  • Stay connected to your assets, even when located outside of cellular coverage.
  • Automate your prestart and other manual processes.

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