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Powered by Google Maps and packaged with Plantcom’s unique hardware solutions our platform is the industry’s most innovative, most complete, and most advanced Fleet management and asset tracking software on the market. Yet it is easy to use and navigate, it provides visibility and operational control to your fleet activity that among other benefits results in:

  • Increased work flow productivity
  • Reduced fuel cost
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved driver safety
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Our platform is a web-based solution; you have the convenience and mobility of working from any computer from anywhere there is internet access, including Windows, Android, iPad tablets and smart phones. There is no software to install and no restrictions; just point to our platform server, enter your password, and you are in.

For large fleets we offer an optional solution that combines both web based and an internet based windows client hosted on the customer SQL server.

The Plantcom innovative family of Hardware solutions allows the platform to provide you with unique features such as: driver behaviour analysis, Temperature Monitoring, Driver ID, Passive RFID and Active RFID.

Over the Air Vehicle Diagnostics

Our hardware has the option to tie into the vehicles on board computer using standard J1708, J1939 and Can Bus OBDII protocols. With the data received the platform will generate reports of all or some of the following values: battery levels, engine speed (RPMs), fuel percentage, engine load percentage, fuel consumption, average fuel rate (ltr/km) that you can analyse monthly, weekly, or daily. Additionally it will report alarms via various engine codes related to engine diagnostics.

Asset Tracking

The platform is integrated with Plantcom battery or solar panel operated units with a battery life of up to 5 years.

Trailer Tracking

For assets such as trailers that part of the time have a power source, Plantcom has integrated the Trailer Management Dual Mode that functions as a regular GPS unit sending data every 2 min when moving while the trailer is connected to the primemover then switches automatically to backup battery operation asset tracking mode when the external power is disconnected sending data 1-2 times a day when the trailer is parked.

Temperature Monitoring

If you have a refrigerated trailer, you can monitor the real time temperature within the trailer or set high and low temperature alarms with Plantcom’s own accurate digital temperature sensor wired directly into the Plantcom unit or using a wireless portable temp sender.

Driver ID

  • Be in control…Know which driver is driving what car, truck, machine, when, and for how long.
  • Prevent an unauthorised driver’s ability to even turn on the engine.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

A second unique option adopted by large fleets is the Plantcom units integrated with Wi-Fi, functioning as a Hotspot wireless router allowing communication of any mobile device to the internet via the Piccolo Plus.

Driver Log and Driver Productivity Report

This report displays, analyses and summarises in real time the productivity and driving time for every driver at a given day and or any selected time frame. The report provides vital information like: number of jobs completed, distance and time between jobs, and total time driven. Driver Log allows the dispatcher to set up maximum allowed hours of continuous driving permitted by law and Fleet.Net will alert the dispatcher if the driver is exceeding the preset hours.

Automatic Email Reports

Choose any of our fully customisable reports to be emailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Set the time of the day you want the reports to be emailed to you and have all the information you need delivered straight to your inbox!

Setting up Groups and Super Groups

In larger hierarchical organisations with a number of dispatchers, you may set up groups of drivers that are assigned to a dispatcher. Each dispatcher can see only the vehicles assigned to that group, yet the top manager may log in as a super group and see the entire fleet, this is also a great option for multiple construction projects.

Know your Current Fleet Status at a Glance.

Driver Behaviour Detection and Analysis

This function will report and display graphically sudden braking, sudden line crossing, sudden turns, and sudden acceleration. Over time the analysis can indicate which driver is the most likely to become involved in an accident. The driver behaviour functionality may also assist you to determine the accountable party involved in an accident.

Reports, Reports, Reports

Our platform has the most comprehensive customisable reports of any Fleet Management system; it provides management with real time and up to 18 months historical data analysis of your fleet from every angle.


Plantcom allows you to set up boundaries around specific geographical areas such as the driver’s home, the company’s parking lot, specific customers’ locations and be notified when a vehicle enters and when it exits a boundary. You may set up multiple boundaries. Also you may set up a boundary within a boundary and you may give a name to every boundary. The boundaries can be polygons in every shape not just circles as most of our competitors do. Plantcom has a specific Boundary Report that records the time that every vehicle enters and exits a specific boundary.


Plantcom allows you to easily and quickly create and/or import an unlimited number of landmarks for customer locations, employees addresses, and any other frequently visited locations. Landmarks Increase productivity by making it easier for the dispatcher to:

  • Set up more efficient routes
  • Quickly locate closest vehicle for a job

Idle Time Alert

Keeping the engine idling is a massive unnecessary operational expense. Every one hour of idle time costs on average a 4 litres of fuel. In addition, idle time increases maintenance cost as the engine is running without producing. Plantcom allows you to set up alerts that will pop up on your computer screen if a specific vehicle is idling longer then a predetermined time such as 10 minutes. Plantcom will also provide a comprehensive Idle report showing the period and address of idling for every vehicle or the entire fleet for any selected period of time.

PTO and IOs

Plantcom displays in real time the current status of every IO such as PTO and Engine On or Off. You may rename every IO to reflect the terminology used for that input in your fleet. Every change in IO status is recorded and is reflected in the IO report, Engine report and Stop by PTO report along with the date, time, and address of the event.

Fleet Maintenance Module

This module allows you to schedule periodic maintenance such as Oil Change, Filter Change, Tire check, and any other maintenance task and then Plantcom will alert you when a particular vehicle is getting close to the predetermined task. Once a maintenance and/or repair has been completed you may enter the dollar amount the task costs so at any moment you have the crucial management information of per vehicle and per fleet maintenance cost at your finger tip.

Is Your Business Operating Optimally?

The world is full of competition. There is hardly any business that does not face a competitive market; the ones that survive and excel are the ones that optimise what they have. With Plantcom offering comprehensive asset tracking and fleet management solutions, you too can cash on benefits of better machinery equipment management and our vehicle tracking solutions. So what are you waiting for?
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