Hours of Service

HOS made simple and affordable by innovation

Introducing DriverLog. The industries simplest to operate yet most fully compliant HOS application.
DriverLog can be installed on our tablets and is fully integrated with platform providing the dispatcher with complete visibility of the status of every driver in the HOS cycle including replay of history and comprehensive reports.

One of the DriverLog’s major advantages is its automatic data protection. The HOS data from the Android device is continuously uploaded and stored on the platform. The HOS data on the Android device is continuously and automatically synchronized with the data stored on the server. In a case where the driver loses or breaks the device; when logging in from a new device with the correct credentials, the server will automatically download to the new device current and historical data allowing seamless operation.

DriverLog has two optional modes of operation and communication:

1. DriverLog is on the in cab tablet that has no cellular modem.
The driver will record the HOS on the tablet that is Off-Line. The data will be processed and displayed on the device but the server will be updated and synchronized with the HOS data only. When the tablet has reached an area with Wi-Fi coverage where it can register, the data accumulated on the tablet can be uploaded to the server.

2. DriverLog is installed on the in cab tablet with a data plan option.
The tablet is communicating in real time with the server via the cellular data plan and is fully synchronized with the server. The major advantage of this option is that the dispatcher has REAL-TIME VISIBILITY of the status of every driver in the HOS cycle. Optionally the tablet may also be used to send GPS data to the server.

The server is continuously updated and synchronized with the mobile device so the dispatcher is updated real time on every driver status within the HOS shift and cycle.

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