Government and Public Sectors

If you are a fleet or plant and equipment manager in the public sector, you’re expected to fulfil commitments with limited resources. You’re under pressure to increase operator safety, keep costs down, run greener, stay 100% transparent all whilst providing better customer service.

With a Plantcom, government fleet management solution, you gain real-time intelligence and analytic power to improve costs, streamline operations and increase safety.

PLANTCOM brings effective fleet management solutions to the Public Sector

Our government fleet management solutions are designed to provide machinery and equipment management to the government that goes beyond operational efficiency to ensure employee safety. Through government asset tracking and vehicle tracking, PLANTCOM provides the government and the public sectors the liberty to operate at maximum potential and meet stringent budget requirements by providing information at a glance and reducing unnecessary costs.

By employing new insights and capabilities, you can:

  • Reduce payroll and fuel expenses as well as costly third-shift maintenance.
  • Utilise owned equipment over hired equipment.
  • Increase fleet uptime by proactively identifying and addressing mechanical issues.
  • Maximize vehicle efficiency, from a longer lifespan to reduced carbon emissions.
  • Improve service performance via two-way messaging and integrated navigation.
  • Quantify performance to prove the value of your departments.
  • Increase efficiencies by automating your manual processes with the in cab tablets.

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