Fuel and Service Truck Management

Fuel and Service Truck Management

The Plantcom Fuel and Service Truck Management System has been developed to:

  • Assist with the fuel reconciliation process;
  • Ensure that your Service Truck and its operator are working efficiently and safely.
  • Create and optimise the best route/s to and from any plant and equipment that requires refuelling.

One option is to install and use tablet technology and have Plantcom convert your day to day forms into tablet format. Through the use of these forms, all information is recorded “live” by the operator and sent directly to the administrator for review or reconciliation.
All machines and storage tanks can be monitored remotely and therefore the service truck can be directed to the units that require fuel. This saves unnecessary fuel stops when machines do not require it. The system will also direct the service truck to the piece of plant to ensure no time is wasted trying to locate it.
Fuel storage tanks can also be remotely monitored which saves the need for dipping.
This avoids any potential issues with working at heights and having to access the tanks.

It allows for a more reliable information to help with the reconciliation process.
With machines traveling on and off site and in and out of different work areas associated costs can be recorded and allocated correctly. This assists with capturing and claiming fuel in line with the rebate scheme.
Through the use of the tablets and apps, reminders and alerts can be set up for the
service truck operator i.e. “The removal of the fuel quick connect hose before driving off”.

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