Eco Marine


Eco Marine tracking unit by Plantcom offers the ultimate in low-cost antitheft and personal marine management protection for boats and personal watercraft. The product can be installed in five minutes by the boat owner or PWC owner without tools. Simply unpack the product, charge the battery pack, affix the base unit inside the vehicle, and register the product by calling the control room. Because the product does not interact with the manufacturer’s electrical system, it will not void the warranty. The owner will be notified when recharging is required by the platform, which will be about every 5 years.

Plantcom Marine connects to the 3G network every day. If the boat or PWC has been stolen just check the platform to see where your pride and joy is sitting. As soon as the base unit wakes up, real-time tracking will start, and the boat or PWC can be located. The enclosure is IP67 water proof rated and resistant to salt water. The product also features the possibility of defining a “permitted zone” and to track boats and PWCs in real time, without the need to wait until the product wakes up.

Main features:

  • Asset tracking mode of operation – can be preprogramed to sends the GPS location every XX hours (usually once a day) when the asset is in stop position. When vibration is detected the unit wakes up automatically and sends an alarm and switches to motion mode sending GPS every XX minutes for as long as the asset is in motion mode (usually every 60 minutes)
  • GEO FENCE mode of operation – the unit can change the frequency of transmitting GPS when entering a pre-configured areas, This is a very useful function for boat-rental companies, allowing them to quickly recover lost or stolen boats outside the permitted zone.
  • The unit sends notifications to the server when and where the external power is disconnected or connected.
  • With every GPS message, the Marine unit sends to the server the battery level it currently operates on and current temperature inside the unit.
  • Vibration sensor – for automatic security theft alarm and motion detection
  • Tow Detection – the unit detects when the vehicle is moving
  • Extremely low power consumption achieved by innovative battery management to preserve battery life
  • Store and forward – the unit can store up to 10,000 events when out of 3G coverage then send them automatically when back in 3G coverage