Plantcom offers a wide range of standard and customised reports and graphs that are available in multiple formats. Our analysts will retrieve & correlate the data, construct it into your preferred format & deliver it straight to your system or inbox, daily, weekly or monthly. The Plantcom online platform records of all relevant data and stores this information safely via Amazon servers, and can be downloaded at any time in various formats for printing.


The Plantcom fleet management system opens a rich and detailed view into your overall fleet operations. You can easily tap into all kinds of real-time and historical data including vehicle use summaries, jobsite logs, maintenance status, pre start forms, time sheets, and much more.
But many customers prefer the simplicity of “customised reporting”— our team will produce the reports that you require and send them to you at a periodical time that you require.
With our reporting options, you can establish “benchmark” criteria and then monitor your fleet in real time to ensure standards are being met. If a violation occurs, we will send you a text message or email, notifying you of the incident. By focusing on these important performance metrics, you can home in on the most important problems and take corrective action to:

• Increase safety
• Reduce downtime and increase productivity
• Better manage fuel and operating costs
• Control vehicle maintenance costs

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