In today’s competitive construction world, securing tenders and improving profits can run on the thinnest of margins. Improving your odds starts with measuring performance across your entire fleet. But to measure, first you’ve got to see the true picture beginning with precise construction equipment management.

With a construction equipment management solution from Plantcom , everything snaps into focus. In one application, you can monitor and track the performance of all your equipment—every brand and model—and use that information to become more efficient, improve equipment utilisation, even safeguard your valuable non-powered assets including all of your attachments including buckets.

A Construction Business with Constructive Management

The PLANTCOM system provides multiple options to keep you informed on the day to day performance of your fleet, plant and equipment. With specialised fleet management solutions customised to meet project or client requirements or to meet industry standards on a particular site or project. Plantcom gives your business the solutions it needs to be safer, more efficient and cost effective than ever before.

Use it to:

  • Monitor costs and activities across all asset types and job sites to fine-tune equipment utilisation and operator productivity.
  • Reduce downtime by monitoring maintenance needs.
  • Improve efficiency and boost overall profitability.
  • Track equipment fuel levels, only refuel when needed and reduce emissions.
  • Prevent unauthorized use via remote Immobilizer feature.

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